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There was a time when we settled for feeling contentment. Maybe we felt as though we deserved more from life than merely having “just enough.”

In Brené Brown’s book, Atlas of the Heart, she defines contentment as “the feeling of completeness, appreciation, and ‘enoughness’ that we experience when our needs are satisfied.

Later she concludes that after so much loss, contentment seems much more appealing. So what has to happen for each of us to be content? Chances are my list might differ from yours. But I do think that our list - even though it may have a few material things listed - would be composed of “things” that help us feel safe and secure.

When we don’t feel secure there is a heightened level of anxiety. We know that anxiety can create a vicious circle of doubt, stress, and unhealthy choices.

In scripture we are reminded again and again, “Fear not.” Of course, faith invites us not to fear, but could there be more to it? Could it be that when we allow fear to dominate our decisions and our outlook we, and our community, suffer?

We see again and again how the fear of not having enough is destroying the earth, our communities, and even our own personal relationships. This week I invite each of us to look around. Chances are you have more than enough… more than enough courage, compassion, hospitality… more than enough love.

How much contentment would it bring if we shared it?

Pastor Jo

August 8, 2022

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Our church as adopted “Reconnect in 2022” as our focus for this year - to reconnect to God, one another, and the community around us. We have talked about it in sermons, weaved the theme into worship, been intentional in offering opportunities for Bible Study, shared-interest groups, outreach, and fellowship.

We’ve seen it most evident in how we pray the Lord’s Prayer… Our Father… give us… forgive us… lead us… deliver us…

It became real to me this morning during my personal prayer time. I meet with a group of clergy each morning from 7:00-8:00. These clergy are from all over the United States. During this hour there is an intentional time of silent prayer. This morning there were only a few of us on the call. I felt drawn to pray for each one individually.

For one I prayed that God would clear a path for her to experience God’s peace today. For another I prayed that he would know that he is enough. For another I prayed that she would know she would walk in the joy of knowing she is loved by a gracious God.

In that moment I realized the very prayers I offered for my friends were also the desires for my life… to experience God’s peace, to know that I am enough, and that I would walk this day in the joy of my salvation.

Let us listen to our prayers for one another. We might just find the desires of our own hearts and a powerful reconnection.

Pastor Jo

August 1, 2022

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Updated: Aug 3, 2022

A few months ago our church hosted a conference event to offer tools for sharing one’s faith journey as a way of encouragement. “Sharing your testimony,” can seem quite daunting. I wonder if it is because we see our “testimony” as one specific event or experience.

This past Sunday we heard a very powerful and meaningful story from Karina Lopez. Through her sharing, we see a faith journey of surprises, of community, of discovery, of joy, of pain, and of hope. Through her story we were able to see a bit of, not only our own story, but of how our stories connect.

This week I invite each of us to pray the Lord’s Prayer each morning, afternoon, and evening. As you pray, consider people who have and are influencing your story of faith. Who comes to mind when you think of praising God? Who is the example of mercy and justice? Who shares graciously? Who is patient and understanding? Who helps hold you accountable and reminds you that you are not alone?


Who might think of you when they ask themselves these questions?

Do we need to be more attentive in how we live and grow as a community of faith?

Let us each decide how we will reconnect to God, another, and our world.

Join us as we grow together!

Pastor Jo

July 25, 2022

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