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More than Enough

There was a time when we settled for feeling contentment. Maybe we felt as though we deserved more from life than merely having “just enough.”

In Brené Brown’s book, Atlas of the Heart, she defines contentment as “the feeling of completeness, appreciation, and ‘enoughness’ that we experience when our needs are satisfied.

Later she concludes that after so much loss, contentment seems much more appealing. So what has to happen for each of us to be content? Chances are my list might differ from yours. But I do think that our list - even though it may have a few material things listed - would be composed of “things” that help us feel safe and secure.

When we don’t feel secure there is a heightened level of anxiety. We know that anxiety can create a vicious circle of doubt, stress, and unhealthy choices.

In scripture we are reminded again and again, “Fear not.” Of course, faith invites us not to fear, but could there be more to it? Could it be that when we allow fear to dominate our decisions and our outlook we, and our community, suffer?

We see again and again how the fear of not having enough is destroying the earth, our communities, and even our own personal relationships. This week I invite each of us to look around. Chances are you have more than enough… more than enough courage, compassion, hospitality… more than enough love.

How much contentment would it bring if we shared it?

Pastor Jo

August 8, 2022

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