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During Sunday's worship service our sanctuary was filled with the voices of various clergy in our Louisiana Conference. They were not with us in person but we could certainly hear them! It was quite a disruption!

Worship continued as the praise team led us in "Holy Water." And wasn't the Sea of Galilee a beautiful backdrop for the slides?

Turns out the Sea of Galilee was our culprit! You see, the video of the Sea of Galilee was one I recorded in January 2020... as the newly ordained clergy of our conference were introducing themselves! I totally forgot about the sound when I added the scene to Sunday's worship!

This Sunday we will once again visit the Sea of Galilee. But, this time it offers much more than a simple interruption to a worship service. As a matter of fact, it represents a time of fear and hopelessness... all because a group of Jesus' friends did what he asked them to do. What might be a word of hope for us as we maneuver through the storms, the interruptions, the frustrations of life?

Join us this Sunday! Not only will we spend a few moments in reflection we will host the Chancel Choir of First United Methodist Church, Pineville. I look forward to introducing this choir to my Gretna Family! Invite someone to join you! It will be a special time as we celebrate the men of our church, welcome our guests and share in worship of the Living Christ!

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Our first "Purple Bag Sunday" was a huge gift to our Food Pantry! So far 48 bags of food have been offered, totaling to over 450 pounds of food! Because of your generosity, we are able to provide supplement food to families who we would otherwise not be able to help.

We were honored to host the Youth from First United Methodist Church in Pineville, Louisiana. They learned about our pantry and also helped serve the 93 families who visited us during our "Second Harvest Sharing Saturday" on June 5th.

We were also thrilled to welcome back our friends from the Responsibility House. They have partnered with us for several years but due to the Covid Restrictions they were not able to be here. They not only provide support in the work, they bring an energy and joy!

And, of course, where would our Pantry or our Church be without the faithful members who work, who give, who share day in and day out!

"Let us not grow weary in doing good." Galatians 6:9

Thank you!

Pastor Jo

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This past Sunday we honored our Graduating Seniors. As inspiring as it was to hear their plans for the future, it was even more inspiring to see their resolve, their respect, and their joy!

I try to imagine what this past year has been like for the Class of 2021. So much adapting to uncertain situations, so much instability and controversy, yet each one managed to stay focused. Goals were not only met, some were exceeded.

These young adults are setting a wonderful example for the rest of us. They know the importance of community - those who will have your back no matter what, those who will encourage you, challenge you, and even laugh and cry with you... and those who know they can count on you to do the same.

We give thanks for these graduates and each family and for the opportunity to learn and grow together.


Pastor Jo

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