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We are glad you found your way to our website and hope you will also find your way through our doors!  We invite you to make Gretna United Methodist Church your church home!  Feel free to browse our website, to contact us, or to plan a visit. With open hearts, open minds, and open doors, Gretna UMC warmly welcomes you today!

--Pastor Jo Cooper

    If This is Your First Time

    Come As You Are

    There is no dress code at GUMC!  Some of us will be in jeans and tees, others will be a bit more dressy, but all styles show up and all are perfectly appropriate!

    There is Plenty of Parking

    Although you may not see it from the street, there is a large parking area behind the church building.  There are both visitor parking and handicapped spaces located near the entrance where there is also a covered carport for rainy days.

    Bring Family or Friends

    Classes and groups at 9 am are for all ages and stages.  Worship at 10 am is open, informal, and child-friendly. If needed, there is a convenient cry room for parents who seek a quiet space to comfort a distressed child.  

    How Long Does it Last?

    Classes meet for 45 minutes prior to worship.  Worship normally lasts approximately 50 minutes

    Are Guests Required to Stand or Wear a Visitor Tag?

    No, although we do hope you will sign our registration and let us know you were with us.  It would be a joy to welcome you personally!

    Coffee is Served

    Hot coffee and sometimes pastries are served in the foyer and are welcomed in the sanctuary where there are tables provided as well as comfortable sanctuary seating.

    Music is Blended

    Both traditional hymns and contemporary songs are sung on Sundays.

    More Questions?  Contact Us!

    Feel free to call or write us with your questions and concerns.  We would love to meet you!

    Gretna United Methodist Church

    1309 Whitney Avenue

    Gretna, Louisiana 70056


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