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Torn Between Beauty and Pain

As if the pandemic wasn't enough... the horrific events in Afghanistan, the devastating storms, fires, water shortages... and we have our own concerns for family and friends who are needing healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Are we doing enough? Are we trying to do too much? Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do. But one thing I do know - when we are together my burden is lighter. When I know others are praying for me my spirit is encouraged.

And here we are, September 11th... a reminder of the effects of evil, a reminder of fear and uncertainty, a reminder of frailty... But it is also a reminder of resilience, a reminder of strength, a reminder of how powerful and beautiful it is when neighbor helps neighbor.

During our evacuation time I found a torn butterfly wing. As I spent a few moments in silence and prayer I thought of all the times I have felt torn and vulnerable. This was my reflection, "Life is not always kind. Life is not always fair. When your world seems torn apart do your best to leave pieces of beauty and hope."

St. Paul wasn't laying a guilt trip on anyone when he reminded the congregation not to stop gathering together - there is LIFE and HOPE and JOY when we gather together! So join us this Sunday at 10AM as we reflect, pray, praise, and rejuvenate our spirits.

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