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We Can Trust the Process

“I need time to process,” is one of the most hopeful phrases I have heard in a while. I know it is hopeful, because I have seen the hope and resolve this confession has made in my own life. Taking the time to process is taking the time to reflect, to ponder, to remain curious, and to know that beyond the truth of this moment there are opportunities to experience life with a deeper purpose.

As we process what it means to say goodbye to one pastor and say hello to another pastor, let us not forget that each pastor is also saying goodbye to one congregation in order to say hello to another. And the congregation and pastor must not forget the sacred work that takes place in each good-bye and each hello.

Good-byes offer moments to reminisce about how far we have come, the things we give thanks for, and the things we wish we would have done differently. Saying hello, no matter how awkward, offers us opportunities to weave our experiences into new opportunities.

In her book, Mostly What God Does, Savannah Guthrie reminds us that even in our “failing and floundering” God is loyal and true. So, as we process, let us never lose sight that God is loyal and true, and God invites us to process with honest hearts. To process is to be a part of a continued forward movement. And isn’t this the work of all who profess to be followers of Jesus?

As I think of all that I am processing, a heart-wrenching goodbye and a hope-filled hello, I am reminded of a quote from Oswald Chambers, “Allow God to be as creative and original with others as he is with you.” For truly, everyone we meet is processing something.

May the grace we have received be the grace we offer.

Pastor Jo

March 4, 2024

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