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Louisiana Vietnamese Church merges with Gretna United Methodist Church

Pastors Roger and Tu Huynh have met several times to evaluate if this is a good "fit" in terms of church practice and theology and have determined that it is a very good fit. We have also had an opportunity for Bob Kimbro and Clyde Butler to meet with two of their lay leaders and pastor to further the discussion. At the conclusion of that meeting, it was agreed that, though there are still details to be worked out, approval was sought from the Church Council for the Louisiana Vietnamese Church to be incorporated into the Gretna United Methodist Church becoming a ministry of our church. That ministry would be called “Gretna United Methodist Church, Vietnamese Language." The Vietnamese worship time would be at 8:30-10 in the Fellowship Hall (though this may change once Verbo moves into their new facility). An estimated 36 members of the Louisiana Vietnamese Church would become full members of Gretna United Methodist Church. Budgets would be combined to keep track of the income and expenses of the GUMC, Vietnamese Language ministry. Pastor Tu will become the Director of GUMC, Vietnamese Language Ministry and may become an associate pastor of GUMC depending on what formalized relationship he works out with the District Superintendent and Conference. The ministry has been approved and is scheduled to commence on Sunday, August 4.

Pastor Roger, Bob and Clyde are all excited about this new ministry venture for the GUMC congregation and believe that this ministry is in keeping with our vision "Connecting diverse communities to a

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