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Every Moment, Making Memories

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

This past week our home was filled with family and friends. We laughed, we played, we ate, and we talked. As I reflect on our time together it seems our only purpose for being together was to be together.

If this season in life is teaching us anything, it is teaching us that we cannot take one moment for granted. It is truly amazing how quickly moments become memories. The time we shared together has the power to impact us and shape us in ways we may never fully realize.

So, what about the brief encounters we have on a daily basis? Maybe it’s the person who serves us a meal in our favorite restaurant, the cashier at the local store, the panhandler we see at the same corner every morning. It could even be someone in our own home. How can we take a brief moment and transform it into a lasting memory? An unexpected compliment? A kind word? A word of encouragement?

This past Sunday we welcomed the French family into membership and baptized their younger son - a beautiful and holy moment… a special memory. The truth is that each time we gather together as a community of faith we are sharing moments that have the power to impact us and shape us in ways we may never fully imagine.

So, as a sister in Christ, I would like to say thank you. I am thankful for the moments we share and the memories we are creating!

Pastor Jo

July 7, 2022

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