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Companions on the Journey

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

A few months ago our church hosted a conference event to offer tools for sharing one’s faith journey as a way of encouragement. “Sharing your testimony,” can seem quite daunting. I wonder if it is because we see our “testimony” as one specific event or experience.

This past Sunday we heard a very powerful and meaningful story from Karina Lopez. Through her sharing, we see a faith journey of surprises, of community, of discovery, of joy, of pain, and of hope. Through her story we were able to see a bit of, not only our own story, but of how our stories connect.

This week I invite each of us to pray the Lord’s Prayer each morning, afternoon, and evening. As you pray, consider people who have and are influencing your story of faith. Who comes to mind when you think of praising God? Who is the example of mercy and justice? Who shares graciously? Who is patient and understanding? Who helps hold you accountable and reminds you that you are not alone?


Who might think of you when they ask themselves these questions?

Do we need to be more attentive in how we live and grow as a community of faith?

Let us each decide how we will reconnect to God, another, and our world.

Join us as we grow together!

Pastor Jo

July 25, 2022

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