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An Easter Full of Doubts

Updated: May 9, 2021

I didn't grow up observing the liturgical calendar so Easter was simply a day we celebrated - it wasn't a season that called us to decide what we will do with the resurrection story. As I grow in age and in faith I realized that my doubts, like those who witnessed the empty tomb, are a big part of my faith story.

This Sunday, the 6th Sunday of Easter, will offer Session Four of our Easter "I Doubt It..." sermon series and will prepare us for Ascension Sunday (which will lead us to Pentecost Sunday!)

I am including the links to the first 3 session of the series, which includes small portions of the worship service for each week. It is my prayer that sharing this journey together will not only allow us the space to embrace our doubts, but the beauty of sharing the journey together.

Session 1: "I Doubt It"

Session 2: "Doubts Kill More Dreams than Failure Ever Will"

Session 3: "Leave No Doubt!"

Session 4: "Mrs. Doubtfire"

The truth is that we have all doubts from time to time. We doubt others, we doubt ourselves, we sometimes even doubt God... yet, God can take those doubts and use them to encourage, teach, and strengthen us in our faith. What we must decide is will we offer God our doubts so that encouragement and strength will have room to grow.

I'm so thankful the journey continues!

Pastor Jo

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