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A Change of Plans

I was looking forward to preaching last week’s sermon about how Jesus dealt with a major change in his life and how we can learn from his experience. I didn’t get to preach that sermon because I was dealing with a major change in my life! Oh, the irony! My heart went into atrial fibrillation and I had to be hospitalized for the night. Obviously, my “change of plans” changed the plans of others. Rev. Becky Conner changed her plans in order to preach and preside at the Communion Table for us Sunday morning. My family’s plans were changed, and the friends we were going to meet Sunday for lunch had to change their plans. Other friends changed their plans just so they could be on standby in case we needed them. Our congregation had to change how we blessed the backpacks. So many changes! This Sunday we will wrap up our WordSearch Sermon Series as we consider the experiences of Jesus and Peter. Would we have the feeding of the 5,000 and the walking on the water without the changes that came before these miraculous events? Let us stay curious as to how changes in our community invite us to grow in wisdom and compassion and love for one another. The need for wisdom, compassion, and love is one thing that never changes!

Pastor Jo

August 11, 2023

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