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New Year, New You, New Us... dare we commit to such a thing?

During 2022 our focus was to Reconnect to God and to one another. We dusted off our core values of honor, faith, compassion, engagement, and unity and found them useful guides. And now we are called to assess the difference we are experiencing individually and collectively. How have you reconnected with God and with one another?

As pastor, I feel the call from God for us to solidify our commitment. Some might call it “revival,” or “rededication.” I believe once we truly invite rededication, revival will come.

This Sunday, January 1, 2023, during our 10:00 worship service we will share in a Covenant Renewal Service. According to our United Methodist Book of Worship, in 1663 a Puritan by the name of Richard Alleine published a work entitled, “A Vindication of Godliness in the Greater Strictness of Spirituality of It.” I admit that doesn’t sound profoundly inviting, but it does invite us to stay curious.

In 1755 John Wesley used a chapter from Alleine’s work, “The Application of the Whole,” in what probably was the first real celebration of the Covenant Service in the Methodist Movement. From Wesley’s journals over the years we find that it was a rich moment for the people - a time of confession and cleansing, a time of comfort and clarity.

I ask you to pray for Sunday and your involvement in this covenant renewal. I cannot think of a more meaningful way to begin 2023 than committing our whole selves to God — individually and collectively.

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