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Lent: an opportunity to linger…

Lent: an opportunity to linger… I felt as though I was as prepared for my first Ash Wednesday at Gretna UMC as I could have been. Worship guide printed, handouts folded, ashes prepared, sanctuary lights on… 7AM-8AM is quite early for a service. Would anyone show up? Two folks came - to make certain I wasn’t alone. They made coffee and were a great source of encouragement. As 7:00AM approached, another came, then another… then another… then another. Throughout the hour folks came and went. I realized I wasn’t as prepared as I had thought. I wasn’t prepared for how folks would linger in the stillness and quietness of the morning. Most of the time when we enter the sanctuary it is filled with praise and community. We certainly give thanks to God for those moments! But may we never pass up the opportunity to linger. Whether we are in a church, at work, at school, or running errands - find those moments to pause, breathe deeply and notice the life that is yours. Your life has purpose. Your life has meaning. And then… notice someone else in your path. That life, too, has purpose. That life, too, has meaning.

As we gather Sunday to break Bread, to sing songs of praise and to share hospitality, find that moment to linger… to give thanks… to notice that you are loved by God and embrace the path God has for your life.

Invite someone to join you! #TheJourneyContinues Pastor Jo

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