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To Embrace the Newness

When I created our "New Year, New You, New Us" sermon series my concern was that it included too many Sundays. Now I see that we only have 3 Sundays left before Ash Wednesday! How does this happen?

Let's let that question settle in from the perspective of our series thus far - a new covenant, new plan, new purpose, new courage, new orientation - How does this happen?

What have we done to embrace the newness of God's mercies and the new opportunities to share these mercies with others? What are we doing to enhance the ministries of our church in new ways so that everyone around us may know of God's redeeming grace?

Becoming a "new creation" through Jesus Christ is not a "new" invitation, but it does invite us to consider how we are inviting this newness into our lives.

How does this happen? With intentionality, dedication, attentiveness, prayer, and commitment. Life was never meant to be lived in “autopilot” mode. Embrace the newness and celebrate the freedom that is yours through Jesus Christ!

So then, if anyone is in Christ,

that person is part of the new creation.

The old things have gone away,

and look, new things have arrived!

2 Corinthians 5:17

Pastor Jo

February 1, 2023

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