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That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It!

Thanks to your generous support we were able to offer 150 hot meals to offer to the homeless of St. Mark's UMC in the Quarter. To those who prepared and served the meal, thank you for representing Jesus so beautifully! We will be going back in August so stay tuned for how you can join in! To make an online contribution to the ministries we share, please click here.

Sunday we were invited to look honestly at "our story." What do we wish we could erase or rewrite?

I shared a personal reflection - a part of my own story that I wish I could erase or rewrite. Even so, it is a part of my story that I have learned to offer to God. God has brought healing, forgiveness, hope, and even joy to so many scars in my life. As someone once said, "Scars are a sign of healing." As you walk through the rest of your week notice the growth in your own life and the opportunity to offer God that part of your story that doesn't quite make sense. We never know what God is willing to do in our lives! There is certainly more to be written!

Don't forget! Sunday, August 8 immediately following the 10:00 Worship Service we will have a church-wide cookout! Make plans to join us for a time of laugher, fellowship, and good food! Are you planning on joining us? Please let us know!

The Journey Continues,

Pastor Jo

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