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That One Thing

This Sunday we will not only continue our journey through Ephesians 4, we will offer a space to pray for our students, families, and all who are a part of the educational system. These are difficult and stressful times for all of us - especially our students.

This past Sunday I shared a story from when my son was four years old. We were visiting an older couple who lived in a home with very unique locks on the doors and there was only one key that would open the bathroom door. Well, my curious son managed to come out of the bathroom, locking the door, leaving the key inside the bathroom. Did I mention they only had one bathroom? It looked as though the home owners were going to have to call a locksmith. I am not proud of how I handled the situation. I knelt at eye level and said, “You had better pray to God we get this door unlocked.”

He immediately began to cry, “I only know how to pray for sick people.” Still, some 35 years later I can't help but smile at his innocence and his admission of limitations in his faith.

So, maybe that’s where we start - admitting our limitations while recognizing we each have at least one gift we can offer to make the world around us a better place.

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