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Gratitude Is an Act of Faith

A friend recently suggested that faith is anemic without gratitude.

As I reflect upon our Stewardship Celebration, I see the gratitude we each offer to God and to each other. I even see the gratitude for the struggles we have walked through. These struggles have helped us strengthen our identity and purpose. Even though we have felt vulnerable and uncertain at times, we have seen God’s hand of protection. Even though we have felt lost and overwhelmed at times, we have seen God’s guidance.

What we must never forget is that often God’s protection and guidance have been experienced because of how we have embraced one another with patience and grace, and how we have invited others into our pain and our weariness.

In Sunday’s sermon, which focused on community, we witnessed an event from the 2000 Olympics. The swimmer’s name is Eric Moussambani. It’s obvious that his lack of training and naivety put him in a situation destined for failure. And, even though he certainly did not win a medal, he is anything but a failure.

This moment from 22 years ago resonates with so many of us. Is it because it shows the power of community and vulnerability?

Can one be grateful without being vulnerable?

By the way, Eric continued to train and cut his time by almost one minute.

May we not only keep the faith — may we finds ways to share it gratefully with others.

Pastor Jo

October 24, 2022

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