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From James to Job

I admit to you know that there is so much in James 5 that gives me pause. Because, like you, I have seen people with great faith have their prayers go unanswered, I’ve seen great faith and complete trust in God seem to go unnoticed by the Divine.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it was a lack of faith or something in your past that caused your prayer for healing to go unanswered. But, neither let anyone tell you that your prayers don’t matter.

Still, if you’re like me sometimes a situation seems hopeless - there’s just too much. We feel as though we aren't doing enough because nothing changes. Instead of bring guilt and exhaustion, I truly believe James is reminding us that evening though our good works cannot always neutralize pain and discomfort - which is not our purpose - our actions can remind us and others that there is more to our circumstance than pain and discomfort - there’s community - we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. And that should be worth something. This video clip is a beautiful reminder of what prayer and community is all about.

The story of Job also reminds us of what a true friend can mean in times of trouble. Beginning in October we will journey through this ancient story, which holds so much more than tragedy! It is rich with meaning - as is your life! I hope you'll join us as we explore this ancient text.

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