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Does the story of Job every end?

We have finished our 3 part sermon series on the book of Job. What a fascinating journey! On the surface, it's certainly not a book we will want to read for a quick pick-me-up. But, if we truly want to learn how to get honest with ourselves and God - you know - that gut-wrenching honesty that brings healing and refreshment of mind and spirit... Job is our guy.

For some of us, religion has taught us that to question God, doubt our faith, or complain is a lack of trust and respect. But that is not the message of Job and it is certainly not the Good News of Jesus Christ! Jesus invites us to come as we are - doubts, questions, anger, complaints, grief, uncertainty... nothing is off-limits when it comes to the grace God is inviting us to live into.

So, yes - the story of Job has an ending. Every story has an ending. Or does it? If we really stop and think about it - as human beings, as children of God - our stories intersect with other stories. Our lives are influenced by other lives and other lives are influenced by our lives - even beyond our lives.

Personal suffering will come and go as our situations change but one thing never changes - God's love, mercy, and grace. Even when God seems silent, God is always present... and God has a way of "picking-us-up" and inviting us into a life of peace, comfort, forgiveness, and grace. And that is a story worth repeating!

Please click the links below to join us on our journey with Job:

For the Children's Sermon with Nann:

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