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May is a full month--Asian American Month, Foster Care Month, Pacific Islander Heritage Month, to name a few. And then there's May Day, Teacher’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Nurse’s Day, National Day of Prayer, Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day… According to, each day offers something to remember and/or celebrate. And let’s not forget about graduations and the Kentucky Derby!

Each day invites chances to remember, explore, learn, and share. Each day offers an opportunity to find ways to celebrate and embrace our differences.

For those of us who are United Methodist, May 1 was a day that ushered in a different path for some of our brothers and sisters. Maybe you have read or heard about The Global Methodist Church (GMC). The GMC, according to is defined as “a theologically conservative breakaway denomination.” All agree that it will take time to sort things out and I truly believe that ALL want to be a church that makes a difference for the cause of Jesus Christ.

I will remain a United Methodist for the very reasons I became a United Methodist--All Means ALL. All have a place at the table to share the Good News of Jesus and grow in love of God and neighbor. I see our church growing in numbers, energy, commitment, and hope. Now, more than ever, this should remain our focus… to love like Jesus loves.

Pastor Jo

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