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"...and maybe that is how unity begins...

Little foxes in the vineyard… the straw that broke the camels back… remind us of how “insignificant” things can become overwhelming. No major disasters or disappointments… just those pesky details that refuse to fall into place. We’ve all had those days. I’m actually having one of those days today!

And then comes yet another a reminder. Oh wait, this is a reminder to pray for unity. It is this reminder that invites me to step away from the minor mishaps and step into the community that is ours through prayer.

“Eternal Creator; immortal, invisible, God only wise:

With these words, we quiet ourselves before you again with awe and reverence.

We thank you for this day, a day that is new and fresh, a day we do not deserve,

but a day you have given us. We praise you for your graciousness

and your steadfast and generous love…”

As I continued reading aloud, I notice my rushing thoughts beginning to settle. As I lift up words of confession and proclamation, I imagined my voice joining a chorus of other voices who are willing to stop for a moment to lift up a prayer for unity.

This prayer may not result in everyone turning weapons into plowshares, but it has ushered me into a moment of stillness, of sacredness, and a moment to pray for the greater good… and maybe that is how unity begins…

Pastor Jo

January 25, 2022

Day of Prayer for Unity

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