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"Add A Catchy Title"

Whenever I update our website's blog I am always meet with the prompt, "Add a catchy title." I totally get it - consider what might encourage one to read the blog. Obviously, some titles are better than others. And even though no one has yet to mention the blog, I am noticing the feedback from sermons that invite us to step outside of our past and consider what the future is holding, to step outside of the negativity and see the Truth that today holds.

As I mentioned in today's sermon (July 11, 2021) "...each of us, whether we’re wearing NFL shoulder pads, a surveillance ankle monitor, or even a clergy robe - we all have to decide how we will find our way through the stages of life. And that is determined by how we see Jesus."

So... is there a "catchy title" you lean on to validate your self-worth? Those catchy titles might come in handy from time to time. Those catchy titles might even open a few doors of opportunity - but never forget that when the titles fade and when our self-worth is shaken and doors rarely open for us anymore there is still one title that remains, "Child of God." There is still one door that is open - God's door of forgiveness and second chances - not because we've earned it - but simply because Jesus loves us.

It may not be catchy but it is what has saved my life.


Pastor Jo

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