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Gretna United Methodist Church Preschool
"G U M P"

Celebrate GUMP!

Gretna United Methodist Preschool began in 1977, and is an outreach mission of the Gretna United Methodist Church. It is the intent of the Preschool to operate as judiciously as possible, to serve the community, to ensure protection of all individuals under its care, and to constantly seek improvement in the program provided.

Led by Kandie Varney Hinyub, Director, we believe that the early experiences are of vital importance and that each child should be helped to develop values of responsibility and respect for the rights of others. We recognize that young children learn best by doing and that they must feel secure in their environment in order to develop in a wholesome way and to grow in self-esteem. Our goal is to present each child with challenging social, emotional, and intellectual experiences within a varied, balanced curriculum.
At GUMP we strive to provide each child with not only a safe, caring, and secure environment, but a happy, loving Christian environment that will meet the needs of each child as an individual.

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