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Our Church Council is gearing up for the fall and there is excitement in the air! You will be hearing more as our teams continue to offer refreshing and meaningful opportunities for fellowship and outreach.

JULY 9 & 10

Don't forget that tomorrow (Friday, July 9) we need a few folks to help sort the food delivered by Second Harvest. You are also invited to join us Saturday, July 10 anytime between 7:30 and noon as we share food with those in need.

July 13 (6:30-8 PM)

You are invited to represent GUMC at a Citywide Assembly of Congregations and Citizen Organizations at Dillard University Chapel at 2601 Gentilly Blvd. Click here to register.

July 18 at 10 AM

We will send a group to St. Mark's UMC to prepare a hot meal for the homeless. It has been over a year since we have been able to worship and serve the homeless population in the area. The rest of us will gather at Gretna UMC for 10:00 worship - in person or on Facebook Live - offering a special prayer for those serving at St. Mark's.


August 1 (Preparing for Thanksgiving Baskets)

Specific items needed:

6 oz box of Cornbread Mix

Canned Green Beans

Canned Mixed Fruit

18 oz bag of Brown Sugar

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In our household we have a saying that always follows an admission of a weaker, less informed, less compassionate time. That phrase is, "But not today."

With these three words comes gratitude for lessons learned and grace shared.

I didn't always appreciate the blessings in my life, but not today.

I didn't realize how my silence was a voice of betrayal, but not today.

These three words also bring a renewed resolve and conviction in how I will live today.

I regret admitting that until a few years ago I did not realize the weight and freedom that Juneteenth carries. I cannot begin to imagine what freedom means to someone who has lost so much and is left with nothing to cling to but freedom.

As I listen to the amazing talent of Nina Simone I cannot help but wonder how different her life would have been had she been born in the 1800s. How many brilliant, talented, grace-filled lives never had the opportunity to shine and share simply because of the color of their skin?

I invite you to listen to the powerful words of this song and allow them to saturate into whatever might be limiting your heart and mind from freedom. Allow God's grace to wash over you and refresh you. For today is a new day. Let us live and love as such.

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During Sunday's worship service our sanctuary was filled with the voices of various clergy in our Louisiana Conference. They were not with us in person but we could certainly hear them! It was quite a disruption!

Worship continued as the praise team led us in "Holy Water." And wasn't the Sea of Galilee a beautiful backdrop for the slides?

Turns out the Sea of Galilee was our culprit! You see, the video of the Sea of Galilee was one I recorded in January 2020... as the newly ordained clergy of our conference were introducing themselves! I totally forgot about the sound when I added the scene to Sunday's worship!

This Sunday we will once again visit the Sea of Galilee. But, this time it offers much more than a simple interruption to a worship service. As a matter of fact, it represents a time of fear and hopelessness... all because a group of Jesus' friends did what he asked them to do. What might be a word of hope for us as we maneuver through the storms, the interruptions, the frustrations of life?

Join us this Sunday! Not only will we spend a few moments in reflection we will host the Chancel Choir of First United Methodist Church, Pineville. I look forward to introducing this choir to my Gretna Family! Invite someone to join you! It will be a special time as we celebrate the men of our church, welcome our guests and share in worship of the Living Christ!

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