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At GUMC, we are the "People of the Way" not only on Sundays, but also during the week when there are a variety of ways to deepen our spiritual growth. You are invited to explore, experiment, and join us on the journey!

This 4-week study is now underway, January 9–31, on Monday evenings, in person and via zoom, 6-7 pm, and on Tuesday mornings, in person, 11 am-noon.  To register, call 504-366-6685 or email

Each Sunday

at 9 am

The Wesley Challenge

21 Days to a More Authentic Faith

 January 9-31, 2023

In The Wesley Challenge Participant Book small groups or whole churches will spend three weeks working through 21 questions that will engage their physical, spiritual and emotional lives and their relationship with God and others.
With fast-paced emphasis on graphics and short content bits, the challenge will inspire us to a new kind of commitment—one that is more authentic, vulnerable and soul shaping resulting in thousands of people who have a renewed passion to discover deeper levels of commitment to God and others.

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